JSTags: Form-rule Tag


It is used as a nested tag of form-rules tag and it allows the configuration of the rules that will indicate what field values will make appear what form fields.

All of the rules nested in a form-rules tag, will be applied sequentially, that is, if the first field is the only one being displayed always (included in the displayAlways attribute of the form-rules tag) and it has a value that does not display the field2, no matter what the value of field2 is, it won't be displayed. Otherwise, if field2 is included as a displayAlways field, even if the value of the first field does not include this one, it will be displayed.

Tag reference

Attribute name Description Default Required Valid values
fieldName Name of the form field this rule applies to. true
pairs JavaScript-like object that contains, for every value of the field fieldName that wants to be setup, the field names of the form elements that will be displayed when such a form field has that value. true i.e. 5 : ['input1', 'input6'], '4': ['input2'], 'anotherValue': ['input9']. You can have a look at the installation section to know about third party libraries that can help you creating this arrays.

Note: all of the attributes accept runtime expressions.


Go here to see an example.